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Little High HHC Mango Gush Cart
Little High HHC Mango Gush Cart 10 Pack
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Load image into Gallery viewer, Little High HHC Mango Gush Cart 10 Pack

Little High - HHC Indica - Mango Gush

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Mango Gush | 1 Gram Cart

Mango Gush is the Hawaiian sister of our regular Gushers strain. Upon your first hit, you will be encapsulated by tropical flavors, similar to that of a mango smoothie. Mango Gushers will take you by the hand, and transport you to an island oasis. Lay back on your surfboard, and ride the waves with Mango Gush.

Our Mango Gush features our premium Hemp Derived Oils which comes in our compact 1-gram cart and child-resistant packaging. 

Our Little High Mango Gush Flavor is also available in our Delta 8 vape carts. Make sure to check them out if you have a lower tolerance or if you're a beginner.

Enjoy the tropical taste of the Little High HHC Mango Gush Cart. Our "Little High HHC Mango Gush Cart" product offers a convenient and flavorful option. Explore the product details and consider complementing it with our OG Kush THCA Flower for a well-rounded botanical experience. Trust Little High for quality products and explore our collection of OG Kush THCA Flower options.

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