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What is HHCP And How Do HHCP Carts Work?

What is HHCP And How Do HHCP Carts Work?

There are well over a hundred cannabinoids that have been identified in the hemp plant. Researchers believe there are many more, with advanced research bringing new cannabinoids to the market more frequently than ever before.

The Basics of HHCP

One of the latest developments and hottest cannabinoids available is HHCP. This is a cannabinoid that is a hydrogenated version of THCP. It is made from industrial hemp plants that have naturally low THC and high CBD levels, which allows for the extraction and synthesis of the other cannabinoids while still maintaining the 0.3% THC limits required by federal law.

This process is carefully controlled to create enough HHCP to be used in the production of HHCP disposables, HHCP vape products and to develop the molecular change from THCP. The result is a pure form of HHCP that is stable and less reactive to sunlight, heat, and the presence of oxygen. This means that HHCP formulations may have a longer shelf life and less risk of degradation than other cannabinoids on the market.

Using HHCP Carts

HHCP carts are very easy to use and a perfect option both beginners and experienced vapers alike.  Little High HHCP carts come ready to use Simply screw on the cartridge to a compatible vape pen and enjoy smooth draws through the mouthpiece.

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